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26-December-2018 03:26
The Carolina Panthers have struggled to find an identity in 2018. Their defense Youth DJ Moore Jersey , once the calling card of the franchise, has been porous. Their run game, while statistically productive, hasn’t been able to sustain drives. Christian McCaffrey saw 11 touches yesterday — a far cry from the 25-30 that coaches wanted for him at the start of the season. Instead, their only consistent source of success in the moments where they absolutely needed it has been Cam Newton running a hurry-up offense.They didn’t start the game against the Eagles with Cam completely unleashed, but they put the ball in his hands more in the first half than I remember seeing in a long time. They might just be learning how this team can win games. That display of trust paid dividends in the second half when the offense started to click, coincidentally, when they put the Eagles’ defense on their heels and kept pressing.Obviously, the trust in Newton didn’t translate into points immediately. I think the blame for his drive-killing completion percentage in the first half falls neatly between him, his receivers, and the weird weather on the day. It wasn’t good, but the team didn’t run away from Cam and that ended up being everything for them.The second half drives showed the Panthers what this team can look like once the team gets rolling. This offense has the skill to become every bit as potent as the vaunted 2015 team if the coaching staff continues to trust Cam Newton early in games. Cam and Ryan Kalil all but asked for another chance in their post game press conferences.This team has come out misfiring on all cylinders in 2018 and has still put together a respectable record. They already knew how to put themselves in a hole. Now they know they don’t have to. Week 7 might seem a bit late in the season to be nailing those lessons down, but at 4-2 the Panthers can afford to be slow learners.They are not a team that can thrive by playing a slow, deliberate, ball-control offense. They can’t err on the side of punting in close-call situations. They are a team that wins when Cam Newton is winning. They are team that has the speed to both bend and break defenses. That is great , because their defense is prone to both bending and breaking themselves. Getting that on track is the subject of a different, and much less optimistic, column.That disparity between offense and defense is why the Panthers can win any game just as well as they can lose them. They don’t operate with a huge margin of error, yet they always seem to find a way to keep a game close. That talent is the key to their greatest hopes for this season.They have the players to compete. I don’t know if they are in the same league as the Patriots, the Chiefs, the Rams, or the Saints, but they can stand with anybody else in the league. Whether or not they will depends entirely on them learning the right lessons from these last three weeks.As it stands, the Panthers put together another terrifying win. They did it against the reigning Super Bowl Champions. They did against one of the best young quarterbacks in the league. Carson Wentz can’t seem to drop the ball on third down without it turning into a conversion for the Eagles. In the face of this new football royalty, the Panthers defense held when it counted, their offense stood up when they had to, and now everybody in the Carolinas can celebrate good king Wentz’s loss before the holiday season even begins. Thomas Davis missed football because he was a football player.But the Panthers linebacker also missed his support system, when he went through a difficult personal time during his suspension.Via David Newton of, Davis came back from his four-game suspension for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing substances this week, after a turbulent month which included the death of his father and his mother having a pair of emergency surgeries.“When you lose a parent Daryl Williams Jersey , when you have your mother have two emergency surgeries, and besides the family, not really have the guys you depended on so much over the years to lean on, it makes it that much tougher,” Davis said. “It’s definitely good to be back.“Being able to go out there and practice takes you away from things you have going on in your life, some of the things you have to deal with on a daily basis.”Davis said he was grateful that teammates will be able to be with him Saturday, when they bury his father Ulysses, who died after complications following a heart attack. The Panthers will then fly to Washington for a game the next day, Davis’ first of the season.“I’m pretty sure things are going to be pretty difficult Saturday when we have the funeral,” Davis said. “Seeing that situation he was in for a whole month and coming to grips he really wasn’t getting any better, . . . you start to feel like you can’t no longer be selfish in wanting him to keep staying in that position.”While his professional situation pales in comparison, his story underscores the human bonds created within locker rooms, and it’s clear having those taken away for a month had an impact on Davis as well.
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