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Construction Waste Crusher

Enviado por yoyocrusher 
Construction Waste Crusher
01-April-2020 05:11
The performance of the Construction Waste Crusher is increasing with the expansion of the requirements for the processing scope of different types of materials. The position of this equipment in all crushing equipment is slightly special. In the eyes of industry people, this equipment is in the middle The position is an embarrassing position that is inadequate and more than adequate. In order to break this imbalance, the device has added a series of innovative measures to the production and processing technology, which has greatly improved the use range and equipment of the device. Utilization. This equipment has spent a lot of time and energy in the particle size adjustment device and detection system, and finally has made a new leap forward in these aspects.

Adjustment device: The adjustment device is designed to meet the needs of many users to a greater extent, because when customers process different types of materials, customers have stricter requirements on the particle size of the output. Traditional Construction Waste Crushers are used in This aspect is very limited and cannot meet the processing requirements of most customers, so the reform of the adjustment device is imperative. The improvement of the new-generation Construction Waste Crusher is particularly obvious, and many new size adjustment buttons have been added. , The operation is very simple and convenient. Just adjust the button switch to achieve the purpose of the granularity you need. It can just meet the different requirements of customers for granularity.

Detection system: The detection system is actually to implement effective monitoring of the equipment during operation. When the equipment operates abnormally, it can effectively detect the abnormality and feed it back to the control system at the same time, making reasonable adjustments and controls, so that the equipment It gradually moves towards normal operation. At the same time, the system also has a certain automatic maintenance function. When there is a slight abnormal operation, this maintenance function can play a significant role to reasonably solve the equipment failure, thereby reducing maintenance personnel. Finding the cause of failure and the time to repair it are fundamentally a powerful manifestation of improving production efficiency. In the event of a major failure in principle, the system can forcibly shut down the equipment, avoiding further damage to the equipment and the danger of scrapping, greatly improving the service life of the equipment, and economically reducing the customer. A strong reflection of the cost of investment.
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