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How to achieve the strengthening effect of permeable geotextile

Enviado por Richard Marx 
How to achieve the strengthening effect of permeable geotextile
01-April-2020 12:14
There are many types of geotextiles, permeable geotextiles are one of them. For permeable geotextiles, it is a high tensile strength material, and soil is a low tensile strength material. However, when the permeable wholesale polypropylene nonwoven geotextile is reasonably added to the soil, the stress distribution in the soil can be changed, and the lateral deformation of the soil can be restrained, thereby improving the stability of the structure. The following editors will briefly introduce the following three forms of enhancement of permeable geotextiles:

I. Diaphragm type: when laying permeable geotextile on soil surface for temporary road;

2. Anchor type: When the permeable geotextile covers the soil body, it will pull it out after being stressed. The key lies in the frictional resistance at the contact surface between the permeable polypropylene nonwoven geotextile for sale and the soil and the situation of mutual engagement.

3. Shear type: It is applied when the soil is under stress and a direct shear action occurs between the permeable geotextile and the soil interface.
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