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Application of geomembrane in dam

Enviado por Richard Marx 
Application of geomembrane in dam
19-May-2020 13:45
For manufacturers, production is naturally not complicated. When they choose this product as a barrier, most of them will consider the price of the product. Because the products that can play this role are still more in the market.

In general, the service life of high quality plastic geonet can reach 40 to 50 years, even if it is used under sewage conditions, it can achieve such a service life. Therefore, in all aspects of storage, transportation and construction, it is necessary to pay attention to covering the shadow from time to time. Especially during the construction process, the exposure time should be shortened as much as possible. In principle, it should be covered with soil.

Geomembrane manufacturers have a wide range of applications, not only for certain water conservancy and construction, but also for certain bridge dams or sewage treatment. Because it can play a very good role, and can be widely used in various places.

Excellent anti-seepage function is widely used in dams, flood control and other major projects. The construction process is a long-term creep process, and the creep characteristics are the main factor of the material stability of HDPE geonet manufacturers manufacturers. Construction quality is strictly in accordance with construction requirements. Geomembrane will be damaged during transportation and construction. Various geomorphological features of various address types will bring great challenges to our construction. The damaged area will inevitably affect the quality of the project.

It is suitable for the treatment of soft ground and roadbed, to improve the formation of the broken surface of the soft soil foundation bearing capacity, and to meet the requirements of permanent engineering construction. Strengthen the strengthening of dams and other projects to improve project quality and reduce project costs. Different geomembrane has different anti-wear performance. For example, polyamide is superior to polyester and polypropylene. It is a high-quality, high-efficiency and environmentally friendly product. HDPE film and other series of high quality HDPE geonet wholesale products have been sold all over the country.

Safety ropes must be used on construction personnel. At this time, the leakage detection method can be used to solve the geomembrane. Establish a good channel and advance one by one. Or leak into drinking water, causing serious consequences.

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