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What causes the cotton towels to fluff?

Enviado por Richard Marx 
What causes the cotton towels to fluff?
21-May-2020 11:59
We have been engaged in the towel industry for 16 years, and have a relatively good understanding of the characteristics and characteristics of China printing bamboo hooded towel. In the process of customer contact, one of the questions often asked is: "Does your family's towels fluff?" Maybe everyone has been hurt by towels fluffing. What kind of towels will shed hair? The following towel manufacturers will explain the reasons for towel hair loss and how to avoid towel hair loss, and teach you how to choose a good cotton towel.

There are several reasons for cotton towel hair loss:

(1) The cotton yarn grade selected for cartoon style microfiber children hooded towel price list production is lower, and there are more short fibers. The poor raw materials cause the towel products to fluff. Good towel manufacturers will start from the source and choose to import first-class good cotton yarn. There will be no hair loss on the towel.

(2) In the production process of towels, there will be bleaching and dyeing steps. Due to the immature bleaching and dyeing technology, the cooking time is too long, and the cotton fibers are damaged. In this case, the microfiber children hooded towel factory will be shed.

(3) In the production, it will affect the towels to come out and do not lose hair. Secondly, if the towels made do not lose hair, the later washing method is inappropriate, and it will also cause the towels to lose hair. Some cleaning companies use inferior detergents to save costs. It will cause the towels to fluff; some washing companies use excessive softeners and bleaching agents to highlight the effect, which can also cause the microfiber children hooded towel manufacturer to fluff.

(4) There is also a long storage time. Damaged towel fibers can also cause towels to fluff. Some will be stocked. Towels are stored (more than 6 months) and placed in a room with excessive humidity, which damages the cotton fiber tissue. Will cause the towel to fluff.
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